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Test SSL Certificate

Test your website’s SSL certificate online for any errors

Enter your hostname or IP address below to check an SSL certificate online for free.

How to Test Your SSL Certificate

Step 1 – Simply enter your website name. A hostname or IP address will work too.

Any of the following inputs should do for the test of an SSL certificate:


Step 2 – Click the button to view SSL certificate test results.

Click the button to test the SSL certificate. The results provide information on your SSL certificate expiration date, issue date, issue, etc. The following information on the SSL certificate test will be displayed.

Test SSL certificate for free with TrackSSL
Results of the SSL certificate check

How to read an SSL certificate test results

  1. A number of days left until the SSL certificate expires.
  2. Your website name.
  3. The date when the SSL certificate was issued.
  4. The expiration date of an SSL certificate.
  5. The issuer of your SSL certificate.
  6. The status of the hostname validation check.
  7. The port used for the SSL certificate expiration date check.

Step 3 – Sign up for free SSL certificate tests and receive notifications

In order to receive a notification on an automatic SSL certificate test, TrackSSL offers to sign up and test two SSL certificates regularly free of charge.

Test SSL certificate with TrackSSL
Sign up to test SSL certificates for free

Monitor SSL Certificate Expiration

Prevent website downtime, lost business, and reputation damage. TrackSSL tests your SSL/TLS certificates for expiration, changes, and fraudulent certs. Test your SSL certificate now!

About the Online Test of an SSL Certificate

The free online test of the SSL certificate by TrackSSL allows users to quickly test an SSL certificate expiration date, and find out if their SSL certificate was updated or altered.

SSL certificate test help to analyze the configuration of your SSL certificates. Verify your website’s SSL certificate expiration date online to learn when to renew your SSL/TLS certs and the issuer.

How Does Free Online SSL Certificate Test Work?

This free online SSL certificate test is a quick but sufficient verification of the configuration of the SSL certificate expiration date and status. TrackSSL does not use any information you submit here for any other purpose except for testing and verifying an SSL certificate. We don’t use the domain names or the test results.

Online SSL Certificate Test – Free SSL Certificate Verification

Have you tested your SSL certificate lately? When was the last time you verified your SSL certificate expiration date? 

TrackSSL offers a free SSL certificate test to verify the expiration date, changes, and issues of your SSL certificate. In case you are looking for a service to receive alerts about the SSL certificate – sign up and test your SSL certificates proactively.

SSL certificate verification is necessary when the expiration date approaches to ensure that an SSL certificate is renewed on time. Odd tests are necessary to track any changes. The issue is that it is easy to forget the SSL certificate expiration date and miss it. Therefore, TrackSSL offers a simple and free service of online SSL certificate test, as well as monitoring and alerts upon signing up

Stop downtime before it happens

Prevent website downtime, lost business, and reputation damage. TrackSSL tests your SSL/TLS certificates for expiration, changes, and fraudulent certs. Are you monitoring your certificates?

Certificate Expiration Notifications

Never be blindsided again. As your certificate nears expiration, TrackSSL will notify you via email, Slack, SMS, Teams, and more. Are you certain your Let’s Encrypt cron job is running?

Certificate Change Monitoring

Keep tabs on your hosting provider or certificate renewal automation. TrackSSL notifies you whenever your SSL certificate changes. When your certificate is updated, we’ll notify you.

Certificate Transparency Alerts

Get instantly notified whenever a new certificate is issued for your domain. Certificate Transparency Logs give you critical visibility to protect your brand from fraudulent certs. Coming Soon!

FAQ on How to Test an SSL Certificate Online

How to test my SSL certificate online?

There’s a free online SSL certificate test available at the top of this page. Simply enter your website in the input field and review the details that will appear. We verify the SSL certificate expiration date and changes to the certificate if any.

How to verify an SSL certificate expiration date online?

Input your hostname in the input field to verify the SSL certificate expiration date. After you click the button, you will be able to see the number of days left to the SSL certificate expiry date, verify if your SSL certificate is valid, find out who is your SSL certificate issuer, and other information about your SSL certificate.
Additionally, you will be offered to sign up for the SSL certificate test to receive alerts shortly before the expiry date, so you can renew your SSL certificate on time.

How to verify SSL certificate status online?

With the SSL certificate test by TrackSSL, you can quickly verify the SSL certificate status online for free. Find out if your SSL certificate is valid, your SSL certificate expiry date, and the issuers to renew in advance.

How to test SSL certificate validity online?

TrackSSL is made to verify the SSL certificate validity online. Enter your website name into the input field of the SSL certificate test to check the validity, expiry date, SSL certificate issue, and more.

How to test the website SSL certificate online?

Use TrackSSL free online tool – the SSL certificate verification. Simply enter your website in the input field and the details of your website SSL certificate will appear momentarily. The SSL certificate test reveals how many days are left until the expiration date, the issuer of the SSL certificate, and more.

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